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How is it priced?

I sell my beef by the "hanging weight".  That means when I have a dressed-out carcass, I will be given a weight.  I then take a 1/4, 1/2 or full weight and multiply it by my per pound price.  That is the amount you will pay me. Now mind you, when the carcass is processed, there will be some trimmings and bones that you don't come home with.  When you pick up the meat from Stroot's Locker, you will also need to pay them for the processing.


The meat needs to be paid for before you can pick it up at the locker.   I do take credit card, along with cash and check, and I will be glad to take payments ahead of time over several weeks or months so that it isn't such a large bill at once.


Call Grady at 316-295-0126, email at or Facebook at



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