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SSo what do I get with my beef?le

So you're wondering, "I've ordered a 1/4 or a 1/2, what do I get and how do I process it?"  Good question.
I will deliver the beef to Stroot Lockers at Goddard,KS. with names assigned to it.  If you order a 1/4, you will get 1/2 of a 1/2, not the front or back 1/4.  You will need to call Stroot's at 316-794-8762 and they will walk you through the cutting process.  Do you want your hamburger in 1# or 2#, pattied or bulk?  How thick on your steaks? How big do you want your roasts?  Do you want tenderized steaks, etc?  They are very good at helping you make some decisions.  The processing costs will vary on different processing.
Some people eat tons of hamburger and not so much of the other stuff so they may have some cuts ground into hamburger instead of having stew meat, roasts, etc.  It's your decision.  Stroots also has hamburger patties in 1/3 # and 1/4#. We prefer the 1/3# burgers but, again, it's your decision.

Call Grady at 316-295-0126, email at or Facebook at

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