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How to buy beef from me & dates available

1. Provide me with your name, phone number & email.  You can indicate which date you would prefer.  It is approximately 2 weeks after we deliver to the locker before it is ready to be picked up.
2. Indicate whether you want a 1/4, 1/2 or full beef.  You must fill out a    form and return to me with a $100 deposit before a spot can be held.
3. Pay for your beef to me after I know your final weight.  I take credit card, check and cash.  Checks must clear bank before meat is released.  If you want to make payments ahead, I will be glad to assist in that.
4. You will need to call Stroot Lockers at 794-8762 to give them cutting directions.  They can help you with your selection process.  Pick up meat at Stroot Lockers.  You will owe them for the processing cost.

Call Grady at 316-295-0126, email at or Facebook at

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